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Space Odysseys Films

Wednesday 15 August 2.30pm
Free Radicals
Dir. Len Lye USA 1979
4 min B&W 16mm no classification

Visually maps the eruption of free-form lines and angles pulsating in time with the percussive rhythms of Africa’s Bagirmi tribe.
L’eclisse (The Eclipse)
Dir: Michelangelo Antonioni, Italy 1962
123 mins B&W 16mm no classification
Italian with English subtitles

After leaving her lover of four years, Vittoria begins an enigmatic journey through a fragmented, alienated world in which she confronts her own emptiness and solitude.

Thursday 16 August & Sunday 19 August 2.30pm
Dir: Sung Khuu, Australia 2000
3 mins B&W VHS no classification

An experimental film detailing an exquisite journey through metaphoric landscapes and human existence.
Lost Highway
Dir: David Lynch, USA 1997
125 mins VHS R

Lost Highway, David Lynch’s most baroque film, plays dark and perverse games with the themes of time, space, sex and death.

Wednesday 22 August & Saturday 25 August 2.30pm
Experimental Short Film Programme (no classification)
This programme focuses on the medium of screen space: by turns an elastic space, a through space, a vastness of space and, finally, an enfolding space.

Fifty Flights
Dir: David McCullough, Australia 1974
6 mins B&W 16mm

Dir: Gregory Godhard, Australia 1993
5 min 16mm

The Man Who Could Not See Far Enough
Dir: Peter Rose, USA 1981
33 mins 16mm

Spacy, 1980–1981
Dir: Takashi Ito, Japan 1981
9 mins 16mm

Thursday 23 August & Sunday 26 August 2.30pm
Dir: Margie Medlin, Australia 1994
3 mins, B&W, 16mm, no classification

This fast moving film is a journey through three distinct cultural celebrations: Wigstock in New York City, the Festival of the Day of the Dead in Mexico and shopping in the south of France.
Orfeu Negro (Black Orpheus)
Dir: Marcel Camus, France 1959
105 mins B&W 16mm PG

Portuguese with English subtitles
In this lyrical transposition of the Myth of Orpheus and Eurydice, street-car conductor Mello and country girl Dawn fall in love during Carnival in Rio de Janeiro.

Wednesday 29 August & Saturday 1 September 2.30pm
La Premiere Nuit (The First Night)
Dir:Georges Franju, France 1958
20 mins B&W 16mm no classification
A dream-like and mysteriously titled short film about a nocturnal reverie woven around a young boy’s escape to the Paris Metro for a night.
Orphée (Orpheus)
Dir: Jean Cocteau, France 1949
95 mins B&W 16mm PG
French with English subtitles

Heralded as the closest cinema has come to poetry, Cocteau employs remarkable special effects in his interpretation of the myth.

Thursday 30 August & Sunday 2 September 2.30pm
Kill Speed Shoot Light: Short Film Programme (no classification)
The following films all utilise the technical resources of celluloid and the moving image to project the audience through landscapes of time. They allow us to cross boundaries of physical and psychic space; they take us on journeys both visceral and imaginative.

Dir: Sebastian Schroeder, Switzerland 1973
3 mins 16mm

Powers of Ten
Dir: Charles and Ray Eames, USA 1968
8 mins 16mm

Teenage Babylon
Dir: Graeme Wood, Australia 1989
14 mins B&W 16mm

Outer Space
Dir: Peter Tscherkassky, Austria 1999
10 mins B&W 16mm

Cosmic Ray
Dir: Bruce Connor, USA, 1961
4 mins B&W 16mm

Wednesday 5 September & Saturday 8 September 2pm
Le Voyage Dans La Lune (A Trip to the Moon)
Dir: Georges Melies, France, 1902
8 mins silent B&W no classification

Melies’ best known work is not only one of the first science fiction films but is also a comedy about man’s imaginings of what may lie in wait in other worlds.
2001: A Space Odyssey
Dir: Stanley Kubrick, USA/UK 1968
139 mins cinemascope M

In his unique masterpiece, Kubrick starkly depicts several encounters mankind has with never-glimpsed aliens, from the dawn of man four million years ago to the title year, when an alien artifact is found on the moon.

Thursday 6 September & Sunday 9 September 2.30pm
Dir: Jane Campion, Australia 1982
9 mins 16mm PG

A creepy and eerily effective retelling of the Oedipal myth in which the castration complex is discovered, of all places, lurking beneath some orange peel.
Dir: Nicolas Roeg, UK 1971
95 mins 16mm PG

Shot on location in central Australia Walkabout is a vision of paradise lost as an adolescent girl and her young brother are left to trek through the desert, guided by a young Aboriginal boy, after their father’s disturbing suicide.

Wed 12 September 2.30pm
All About Weightlessness: The Astronaut’s Dilemma
Dir: Walt Disney, USA 1955
11 mins 16mm G

A fascinating animation from the Disney studios, examining space science and the effects of space travel on a human subject. Given the era, this human subject is a cigar-smoking, pool-playing, cocktail-shaking astronaut!
A Brief History of Time
Dir: Errol Morris, USA 1991
80 mins 16mm G

An intelligent and visually stylised portrait of British physicist, Professor Stephen Hawking, who was diagnosed with motor neuron disease aged twenty-one and given a life expectancy of two years.

Sunday 16 September 2.30pm
Duck Dodgers in the 241/2th Century
Dir: Charles (Chuck) M. Jones, USA 1953
7 mins 16mm G

Duck Dodgers (Daffy Duck) and space cadet Porky Pig are sent to Planet X to find a new source for the Earth’s dwindling supply of the shaving cream atom, Aludium Q-36 where they encounter an aggressive Martian, Commander X-2.
Forbidden Planet
Dir: Fred McLeod Wilcox, USA 1956
94 mins 16mm G

Shakespeare’s The Tempest is ‘freudianized’ and transposed to the Planet Altair V in 2200 where Morbius (Prospero) lives with his daughter Altaira (Miranda).

Wednesday 19 September & Saturday 22 September 2.30pm
Dir: Paul Strand, USA 1921
B&W 7 mins 16mm no classification

A rare and fine example of ‘city symphony’ films and one of the earliest recognised American avant-garde films in which an energetic fusion of images is linked by intertitles drawn from the poetry of Walt Whitman.
This is A History of New York
Dir: Jem Cohen, USA 1987
B&W 23 mins SP tape no classification

A highly poetic, impressionistic collage of New York City’s five boroughs including the grainy vistas of the Brooklyn waterfront, a Dante-esque Manhattan and the eerie stillness of the Queens Rocket Field.
Buried in Light
Dir: Jem Cohen, USA 1994
B&W/colour 60 mins SP tape
no classification

A meditation on ‘a time between times’ as the filmmaker travels through Central and Eastern Europe; combines images of past horror and devastation with ‘found’ commentaries taken from radio announcers and museum guides.

Thursday 20 September & Sunday 23 September 2.30pm
Time this Space: Experimental Short Film Programme
(no classification)
In this compilation of largely archival material, time, in various registers -- accelerated, compressed, lyrically ‘frozen’ or simply played out in ‘real time’-- constitutes an essential element.

London to Brighton in four minutes
Dir: BBC Film Unit, UK 1952
B&W 5 mins 16mm

All My Life
Dir: Bruce Baillie, USA 1966
3 mins 16mm

Dir: (Rain) Joris Ivens, Netherlands 1929
B&W 11 mins, 16mm

N.Y., N.Y., A day in New York
Dir: Francis Thompson, USA 1960
17 mins 16mm

Reverse Angle
Dir: Wim Wenders, Germany 1982
16 mins 16mm

Dir: Standish Lawder, USA 1969
B&W 12 mins 16mm

Wednesday 26 September & Saturday 29 September 2.30pm
Wings of Honneamise
Dir: Hiroyuki Yamaga, Japan 1995
125 mins VHS M
Japanese with English subtitles

This spectacular Japanese Anime is an epic tale of a civilisation’s first faltering steps into space, set in an alien world that is strangely familiar to our own.

Thursday 27 September & Sunday 30 September 2.30pm
Mythic Odysseys: Short Film Programme (no classification)
With Mythic Odysseys the filmmakers reinvent and re-imagine our classic archetypal myths and fears.

Night Ride
Dir: Martin Murphy, Australia 1996
11 mins 16mm

La Jetée
Dir: Chris Marker, France 1962
B&W 27 mins 16mm
French with English subtitles

The Journey
Dir: Robert Gudan, Australia 1995
5 mins 16mm

Alone: Life Wastes Andy Hardy
Dir: Martin Arnold, Austria 1998
B&W 15 mins 16mm

Dir: Ruth Carr, Australia 1996
9 mins 16mm

Wednesday 3 October & Saturday 6 October 2.30pm
Dir: Emma Sleath, Australia 1998
8 mins 16mm no classification

Set against the backdrop of a Melbourne Housing Commission Estate, Rise is a visual journey and account of a largely unknown environment rarely glimpsed on the Australian screen.
Sans Soleil (Sunless)
Dir: Chris Marker, France 1982
100 mins 16mm M

French with English subtitles
A complex compilation of images drawn from various points of the globe overlaid, juxtaposed and intertwined with thoughts on memory, time and survival.

Thursday 4 October 2.30pm
Mind’s Eye
Dir: Gregory Godhard, Australia 1998
5 mins 16mm no classification

Made with over 1200 photographs, Mind’s Eye is a fast paced experimental animation that propels the viewer into a visual journey through time and space.
Dir: Andy Mackinnon, Scotland 2000
75 mins VHS no classification

Transcending time and space using a range of technical effects such as slow motion Super 8 and time lapse photography, Mackinnon takes us from magnificent country vistas to industrial cityscapes where buildings dance a strange ballet of construction and destruction and massive power plant chimneys synchronously implode.

In accordance with the Office of Film and Literature Classification, sessions that include unclassified film or video are only open to people aged 18+.

Acknowledgements for their considerable contributions to the film programme:
Roberta Ciabarra, Alessio Cavallaro, Spiro Economopolous, Natasha Gadd, Amree Hewitt and Christos Tsiolkas; filmmakers Margie Medlin, Jem Cohen and Sung Khuu; and Madman Entertainment (www.madman.com.au).