Gallery of Selected Works

A selection of works submitted for the Dobell Prize for Drawing 1993-2002
(winning works indicated with *)

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Bonner Interior Peter Bonner
Interior 1996

Bradbeer Man of paper Godwin Bradbeer
Man of paper VII 1995-98

Cassab Incredible lightness Judy Cassab
Incredible lightness, Rainbow Valley 1998

Cassab Temple Judy Cassab
Temple, Udaipur 2002

Cassab Transparent landscape Judy Cassab
Transparent landscape, Rainbow Valley 1997

Ellis Dog Rachel Ellis
Dog 1991

Fairbairn Tao Triebels David Fairbairn
Portrait of Tao Triebels 1998 or White portrait, Tao Triebels

Furlonger Man on beach Joe Furlonger
Man on the beach 1994

Harding Eddy Ave Nicholas Harding
Eddy Avenue (3) 2001

Keeler-Milne Visibility Invisibility Jennifer Keeler-Milne
Visibility/Invisibility 2000

Lanceley Garden Colin Lanceley
Garden between the mountains and the sea 1992

Moffatt Urban Landscape Sally Moffatt
Urban landscape II 2000

Mourtzakis Untitled Nick Mourtzakis
Untitled study 1999

Moynihan Tasmanian Tiger Daniel Moynihan
Tasmanian tiger in Paris, Canal St Martin 1992

Robins Linen dress Amanda Robins
Linen dress 2000

Senbergs Kitchen at Smackas Jan Senbergs
Kitchen at Smacka's 1995

Spence Roofs Oxford St Thomas Spence
The roofs of Oxford Street (Taylor Square) 1993

Tonkin Rocky outcrop Mary Tonkin
Rocky outcrop, Werribee Gorge 2000-01

Wilson The Woman David Brian Wilson
The woman 1996

Woodward In the penumbra Margaret Woodward
In the penumbra of perfumes and songs 1993

Woodward Lezcano riding unicycle Margaret Woodward
Francisco Lezcano riding the unicycle 2001