Jennifer Keeler-Milne
Visibility/Invisibility 2000

72.5 x 260.0 cm (sheet)
Puchased with funds provided
by the Art Gallery Society
of New South Wales

Artist's statement:

Skyscapes with a focus upon cloud formations have been the subject of my work for the past four years. The ephemeral changing nature of clouds and the ongoing challenge of attempting to capture this elusive substance within the static form of drawing or painting has been a particular challenge. A further fascination in playing with this subject matter is that it opens the possibilities between figuration and abstraction.

In the drawing Visibility/Invisibility my aim was to capture a sense of brooding drama and movement, from the darkest charcoal areas on the left, gazing across to the contrasting white ground of the paper in the upper right corner. Perhaps it can be read like a Chinese scroll, hence the horizontal format. Furthermore I wanted the viewer to have an intimate sense of being in the clouds.

The title was inspired by John Berger: 'All appearances are of the nature of clouds... (they gather visibility, then disperse into invisibility)... In a dead universe, nothing is visible.' *

- Jennifer Keeler-Milne 2000

* John Berger, 'On Visibility', The Sense of Sight, Pantheon Books, New York 1985, p 219