Education Programs

in conjunction with the exhibition
Grace Cossington Smith

Years K-6

Art adventure tour
Ordinary extraordinary  Be dazzled by colourful paintings and the transformation of the ordinary into distinctive visions of vitality and inventiveness.
Tuesdays - Fridays • with the Children's Guides • free with $4 exhibition entry

Teachers enrichment day
Aspects of Modernism  Compare and contrast the ideas and images in the creative work of Grace Cossington Smith and Camille Pissarro, by examining the artists' shared experiences of modern life and the rise of new expressions of art in late 19th century Europe and early 20th century Australia. Workshop ideas for the classroom by exploring images of everyday life, people and places.
Friday 25 November • 9.30am - 3.30pm • $70, $35 for tertiary students (includes lunch and educational material)

Years 7-12

Discussion tour: Processing a body of work  Discuss the development of Grace Cossington Smith's ideas through key artworks, related drawings and sketchbooks.
1 hour • $157.50 per group of 15 or less (includes exhibition entry)

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Grace Cossington Smith The lacquer room 1935-36. Collection Art Gallery of New South Wales. © Art Gallery of New South Wales


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