Anselm Kiefer


An incomplete world   |  Anselm Kiefer   |  Ishiuchi Miyako


Education Programs

Note: limited student numbers per hour

Education Kit

Kiefer kit cover

Available online only

Years K-6

Art adventure tour
Catch up with contemporary
Tuesdays - Fridays • with the Children's Guides
Travel through An incomplete world and Kiefer's installations to uncover how our view of the world can be shaped and transformed by art.

Children's trail available (An incomplete world + Anselm Kiefer)

Children's trail cover

Also available to download (PDF, 432 KB)


Years 7-12

Discussion tour
Materials, myths and meaning 
1 hour 
$127.50 per group of 15 or less 
Experience the scale and drama of Kiefer's monumental works. Investigate his interest in myths and how he conveys meaning in his art making through the transformation and manipulation of raw, unstable and unexpected non art materials.

Years 10-12

Study mornings 
Between heaven and earth
30 May 6, 13 & 20 June • 10.30-11.30am 
$3 per student 
Investigate Kiefer's monumental artworks and practice in which he balances powerful, physical imagery and a conceptual analysis of the world; past and present, physical and spiritual, myth and fact. Discover Kiefer's major recurring themes, his inventive and sometimes brutal use of materials and his weaving of multiple, contradictory meanings that challenge the audience.