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Dakini: Goddess of Wisdom
Dakini, meaning ‘sky-dancer’ in Tibetan, describes a dazzling enchantress who soars through clouds, revelling in utmost freedom.


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She glides lithely, unrestricted by materialistic trappings like clothing, gold, and riches. Her hair billows freely as she dances in joyous abandon. She transcends worldly desires and is unrestrained by human cravings. The supreme, boundless liberty that a Dakini knows stems from the pristine wisdom she possesses. Her sharp, penetrating mind sees only that which matters and disregards all else, thereby setting her free to blissfully soar through limitless time and space.    

A Dakini possesses powers that can spark wisdom with a snap of a finger or with a single directed word or gesture. She skilfully attracts passions and materialistic desires with her elegant lotus-decked summoning hook and with the penetrating powers of her flower-studded bow and arrow transforms them into liberating wisdom.

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Above: Kurukulla Tibet, 1800s. Zimmerman Family Collection.
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