Giacometti: Sculptures, Prints and Drawings from the Maeght Foundation
18 August - 29 October 2006
Rudy Komon gallery, Upper Level

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Giacometti painting in his studio

Giacometti painting in his studio surrounded by sketches for the Chase Manhattan Plaza project, 1960 (detail). Photo Ernst Scheidegger © Neue Zürcher Zeitung 2006

Education Programs

Years K-6

Teachers enrichment day

A tangle of lines
Investigate the two important art forms of drawing and sculpture examining how one can inform the other through the art making process. Discover the diverse techniques of Giacometti and the Dobell Prize for Drawing finalists; their different materials and approaches and develop teaching strategies and practical ideas for the K-6 classroom.
Wednesday 23 August 2006
$77, $70 for AGS members & tertiary students: includes lunch and educational material

Art adventure tour

Giacometti spaghetti
Meet the artist Giacometti and marvel at his dynamic drawings, tangles of lines and intriguing sculptures.
Tuesdays - Fridays
With the Children's Guides
Free with $4 exhibition entry

Years 7-12

Study morning

Special curators talk
Join Edmund Capon, Art Gallery of NSW director and exhibition curator, to discuss Giacometti's significance in modern art history and the Gallery’s collection through the artist's key drawings, prints and sculptures, together with insights into the exhibition development process with Jacqui Strecker, exhibition manager.  
Years 10-12
31 August 2006 10.30-11.30am
$7 per student: includes exhibition entry

From pencil to plinth
Investigate the importance of drawing in the creation of sculpture through Giacometti's key works. Explore the power of the artist's imagination in transforming 2D observations of people into 3D forms which project both a physical and emotional presence.
Years 7-10
5, 13 & 21 September, 19 October 2006
$7 per student: includes exhibition entry 

Studio session

Processing Giacometti
From observations of people and sculptures within the Gallery spaces experiment with materials and manipulate media through drawing, printmaking and sculpture, gaining insights into Giacometti's unique and powerful artmaking processes.
Years 7-10
Mondays, Wednesdays or Fridays
10.30am-12.30pm or 12.30-2.30pm
$310 per group of 15 or less: includes exhibition entry


Art schools are offered special access for organised groups of their students at 9am to the Giacometti exhibition. This is to allow art students one hour of drawing time in front of the exhibits before the Gallery opens to the public at 10am. After that hour students may remain in the exhibition for the purposes of note-taking and discussion. For reasons of safety and conservation, students may use only graphite pencils, and paper no larger than A3. It is expected that art schools will send one or more members of their staff to tutor the group and to assist in the discussion of works. One member of the Gallery's Public Programs Department will also be on hand throughout the first hour, and afterwards if required.

Special educational group concession: $4 per student (full admission $10, individual student concession $7). Payment must be made in one group payment upon arrival at the exhibition (credit card or cash). Accompanying lecturer free.

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Giacometti Education Kit Education Kit

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Children's Art Trail (PDF 1.7mb)

Bookings essential for all programs.