Exhibitions that closed in 2005

Allan Mitelman
An exhibition of drawings, watercolours, gouaches, collages, etchings and lithographs by the Australian Allan Mitelman over the past 30 years.
30 October 2004 - 16 January 2005


Anne Landa Award
Six moving image and new media artists feature in the inaugural Anne Landa Award exhibition. It includes videos, DVDs, animations, and digital media by Van Sowerwine, David Rosetzky, Peter Hennessey, Guy Benfeld, Craig Walsh and Shaun Gladwell.
2 December 2004 - 13 February 2005


Archibald Wynne, Sulman & Photographic Portrait Prizes 2005
The Archibald Prize for portrait painting is one of Australia's oldest and most prestigious art awards. The Wynne Prize is awarded to the best landscape painting of Australian scenery in oils or watercolours or for the best example of figure sculpture, by an Australian artist. The Sir John Sulman Prize is awarded for the best subject painting or genre painting or mural project by an Australian artist.
The Citigroup Private Bank Australian Photographic Portrait Prize has been established to promote contemporary portrait photography and excellence in all forms of still photo-based art.
30 April - 3 July 2005


A dynamic and popular exhibition featuring a selection of outstanding student artworks developed for the artmaking component of the HSC examination in Visual Arts, 2004.
29 January - 28 March 2005


Bill Henson
The first survey of the photography of Bill Henson brings together many of the artist's important series, and explores major themes from the last thirty years of his work.
8 January - 3 April 2005


Boucher, Watteau and the origin of Rococo
This exhibition of more than 80 drawings locates Fran�ois Boucher among his immediate predecessors and contemporaries, and shows his central role in defining the new style that became known as the Rococo.
4 March - 1 May 2005


Dadang Christanto: They give evidence
A reprise of the confronting and moving, larger-than-life sculptures of human suffering by Dadang Christanto, first seen here at the launch of the new Asian galleries in 2003.
19 February - 15 May 2005


Daniel Crooks: Train No.1
Daniel Crooks' digital videos have received wide acclaim. 'Train No 1' reconfigures views of a train into a mesmerising animation, which help to break down the conventional relationship between space and time.
15 October - 4 December 2005


Dobell Prize for Drawing 2005
The most important drawing prize in Australia. It was established in 1993 as an initiative of the Sir William Dobell Art Foundation.
5 August - 16 October 2005


Earle Backen
Earle Backen (born 1927) is one of the finest and most respected Australian printmakers of his generation. This exhibition focuses on the Gallery's collection of the artist's prints and plates, and on his later, classically composed watercolours.
6 October - 17 November 2005


Fred Williams Gouaches
A selection of gouache landscapes, dating from the 1960s to 1980, by one of the most important Australian artists of the 20th century, Fred Williams.
9 March - 1 May 2005


Jeppe Hein: Neonwall
The fourth Clayton Utz Contemporary project is a new installation from artist Jeppe Hein. 'Neonwall' comprises 90 large neon tubes that make a dividing wall from floor to ceiling. Sensors switch sections of the wall off or on in response to viewers' movements.
21 September - 11 December 2005


Margaret Preston: art and life
A major exhibition of the work of Margaret Preston (1875-1963), one of Australia's most celebrated modernists.
29 July - 23 October 2005


Mutlu �erkez / Marco Fusinato
Mutlu �erkez and Marco Fusinato explore their similar interests in time, language and realism in their ongoing series of collaborative projects.
5 February - 20 March 2005


NEON by Janet Burchill & Jennifer McCamley
Installation exhibition by Janet Burchill and Jennifer McCamley. For this project the artists are proposing to exhibit a new neon sculpture built around a 'found' sentence.
26 June - 14 August 2005


Operation Art
An exhibition of children's art created for the Children's Hospital, Westmead.
8 December 2004 - 16 January 2005


Patricia Piccinini: Swell
Piccinini is one of Australia's leading contemporary artists. 'Swell' is part of a sequence of works that the artist calls 'Wilderness', which examine the evolution of nature in relation to progressive technology.
17 August - 9 October 2005


Rajput: Sons of Kings
An exhibition of 76 colourful Indian miniature paintings depicting the luxurious lifestyle of the Rajput courts of the Indian state of Rajasthan from the 17th to 19th centuries.
8 June - 4 September 2005


Reflections in time
From the anonymous sitters reflected in the mirrored surface of a daguerreotype to the evocative portraits of David Octavius Hill and Robert Adamson, 'Reflections in time' explores the changes that occurred to international photographic portraiture from 1839 to 1900.
13 October - 11 December 2005


Simryn Gill: Standing still
A series of 116 photographs by Australian contemporary artist, Simryn Gill, which explores the artist's interest in the passage of time and the evocation of place. Buildings and environments are captured in a photographic moment that bridges past and present in literal and metaphorical terms.
25 March - 1 May 2005


Spirit of Youth Awards
The Qantas Spirit of Youth Awards aim to recognise, celebrate and encourage young Australian talent.
8 - 20 November 2005


The art of Japanese screen painting
This exhibition shows highlights from the Gallery's outstanding collection of Japanese screens, dating from the 17th to 19th centuries and ranging from striking ink landscapes to studies of nature in vivid colours and gold.
6 November 2004 - 6 February 2005


The Poetic Mandarin
An exhibition focusing on the cultural life of the imperial Chinese Mandarins, this exhibition reveals the important role of calligraphy in official life, and as a leisure activity.
23 September - 27 November 2005


The Ubu Diptych: James Gleeson
This installation celebrates the ninetieth birthday of Australia's premier surrealist artist James Gleeson. The Ubu diptych, one of the artist's most recent works, is widely regarded as one of his greatest. This focus exhibition displays the diptych alongside related paintings and drawings.
21 November � 18 December 2005


A project bringing together two of Australia's most established collaborative partnerships, Rose Farrell/George Parkin and Lyndell Brown/Charles Green. Their installation of photographs, sculpture and video seeks to explore the fraught nuances of visual memory.
8 May - 19 June 2005


An exhibition that considers how contemporary Australian artists continue to use language to communicate through their art.
20 May - 24 July 2005


This focus room exhibition reflects the idea of a new picturesque in Australian art, flourishing largely through the legacy of T.S. Eliot's poetry. Artists include Jeffrey Smart, Colin Lanceley, Rosalie Gascoigne, Robert Klippel and photographers Max Dupain and David Moore.
10 August - 3 October 2005


Wolfgang Laib
The third Balnaves sculpture project, featuring German artist Wolfgang Laib - best known for his magical work with pollen, bees wax and other materials used in a ritual setting.
11 August - 6 November 2005