Wolfgang Laib
Thu 11 August - Sun 6 November 2005
Project gallery, Ground Level

The German artist Wolfgang Laib is being brought to Sydney as the third Balnaves sculpture project with the assistance of Goethe institute and ifa Stuttgart. Laib is known to local audiences from the Biennale of Sydney 1986 and again from the Exhibition Spirit and Place at MCA 2001. Laib is best known for his magical work with pollen, bees wax and other materials used in a ritual setting. In this exhibition we will experience a glorious pollen work presented as a glowing, fragrant rectangle on the floor of the gallery, by a 4.5 meter high wax ziggurat, a Milkstone, wax houses, rice meals, a flotilla of wax ships that sail through the gallery above our heads on wooden scaffolds.

Goethe-Institutifa Stuttgart

Wolfgang Laib, installation of Pollen from pine 1999