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David Sequeira Projects
David Sequeira Projects presents a new series of boldly coloured abstract paintings, sculptural works, and a sound installation.

The sculptural element is a selection from Sequeira's extensive vase collection, an eclectic mix mostly found in trash and treasure markets. In an obsessive exercise in selection and display, Sequeira creates an order based on the resonance of colour, tone and form. Sequeira mixes colour theory with an entirely arbitary arrangement derived from his personal taste and a desire for beauty.

This rich variety of hue and shape provides the primary source material for the vivid abstract geometry of Sequeira's paintings. In the paintings Sequeira layers shapes selected from the vases and differentiated by their colours. This overlay forms an abstract pattern, which is subordinate to the classification systems Sequeira has devised for the vases. They are vividly contemporary but with a retro edge and both vases and paintings could fit right into the modular urban cocoons of contemporary urban design. However Sequiera's exercise in tast "stresses the artistry of categorisation" (Peter McNeil, catalogue essay) and classification, as much as being about contemporary design.

The sound component, created by musician Tim O'Loghlin, also has its roots in Sequeira's vase collection. The sounds made by striking a selection of vases with a mike were sampled and processed in O'Loghlin's recording studio to create the sound environment in the installation.

I am continually surprised by the place that people find in their lives for the collected objects. Of particular interest are the ways that the significance of these objects is expressed. Although David Sequeira Projects has developed from my personal collection, its themes of collecting and response have a far broader application. My hope is that this work speaks of beauty and resonance and displays my understanding of these treasured objects." David Sequeira
On view:Art Gallery of New South Wales
Art Gallery Road
The Domain, Sydney
Telephone:(02) 9225 1744 or recorded information
(02) 9225 1790
Hours:10am to 5pm 7 days a week
(closed Easter Friday)
Admission:Free of charge
Media Information and Interviews:Eva Choc, Press Office
(02) 9225 1734

Above: David Sequeira, Projects, 2001, (1 from suite of 12), enamel on board