Contemporary lacquer master
26 January � 23 April 2006
Lower Asian Galleries

Kitamura Tatsuo, working under the art name Unryuan, is one of Japan's leading contemporary lacquer artists. Unryuan, who comes from the lacquer-producing area of Wajima in northern central Japan, specialises in the techniques, forms and styles of traditional lacquer work. He is particularly fascinated with the lacquer of the Edo period (1615-1868), and aspires to emulate the extreme technical sophistication and bold approach to design which characterised that age. Unryuan's exquisite works � which include writing cases, incense boxes, tea wares, inro containers and netsuke toggles - display an astonishing range of styles and demonstrate an impressive imaginative flair as well as a remarkable technical skill.

Unryuan (Kitamura Tatsuo)
Incense box Firefly cage 1990s
Collection of the artist