Peter Lyssiotis: 'Outside of a dog�'
A Survey Exhibition - 25 Years of Book Arts
3 October - 7 December 2007
Monday - Friday, 10am - 4pm, Until 8.45pm Wednesdays
Research Library, Lower Level 1
"I make books as an antidote to the visual pollution we labour under. At a time of instant image overkill, in the era of the sound bite, during a period of sensationalist and disposable imagery, a bookwork acts as a bulwark against these offences. Close a book's cover and you have a silence; open them and you pass into an intimate world." - Peter Lyssiotis

Part of the Art Gallery's Archive exhibitions program: small exhibitions of journals, notebooks, diaries, catalogues, photographs and sketches.

Peter Lyssiotis and Angela Cavalieri
1316- (Part One) Masterthief 2004

PricesAdmission Free
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