The Surreal Aesthetic
28 July - 14 October 2007
Lower Level 2
The original surrealists looked with fascination to the workings of the unconscious mind, seeking to liberate their imagination from convention and rationalism. Surrealist informed imagery resonates with the collision of supposedly opposed states: dream and reality, animate and inanimate, conscious and subconscious. The fluid and diverse imagery produced by the surreal aesthetic, linked by transformation and transgression, is explored through a selection of photographic works drawn from the collection. Photographs by Bill Brandt, Duane Michals, Pat Brassington feature alongside new acquisitions by Man Ray and Loretta Lux. Imbued with strange and disturbing qualities these works provoke and intrigue the imagination.

Mari Mahr 13 Clues to a fictitious crime circa 1940-1941 1984. No 5 from a series of 13 gelatin silver photographs. Gift of Edron Pty Ltd 1996 through the auspices of Alistair McAlpine
© Mari Mahr

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