Focus on Contemporary
Thursday, 20 March 2008
Sat 22 March - Wed 9 April 2008
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Selected from the collection, this display focuses on art that explores history, memory and the associations that art objects can accumulate though time. Highlights include:
- Doris Salcedo's Atrabillarios, in which the shoes of people who have disappeared in Colombia are enclosed behind stitched skin in votive-like niches in the wall, exhibited with a major, new Salcedo acquisition,
- Jannis Kounellis' impressive arte povera wall work, which embodies cycles of life and death, and
- a newly acquired work by Brook Andrew, which utilises neon text in Wiradjuri and a 19th century photograph of an Aboriginal man, to question our assumptions of what we are looking at in an art gallery.

Contemporary art with UBS