East meets West:
from the archive of Flora Beresford
8 February – 4 June 2010*
Research Library and Archive, lower level 1

Australian artist Flora Beresford, who was an art student in Sydney in the 1930s, eventually moved to India, where she lived for nearly 30 years. She and her family quickly integrated into Indian society. One of her sons even became Sri Dev Ashish, successor to the line of gurus at the Mirtola ashram. Flora's fascinating series of watercolours, based on the ancient Chinese oracle and Book of Changes, as well as on the Tarot and traditional Indian spirituality, trace the impact of esoteric thought and art on an artist trained in the vitalist tradition of Rayner Hoff.

* Exhibition hours: Tuesday to Friday, 10am – 4.30pm, Wednesday evenings until 7.30pm (except public holidays)

Flora Beresford The fool, watercolour on paper, AGNSW Research Library and Archive, MS2007.7

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