Australian Art: 1910-2000
Mon 19 February 2001 - Sun 10 February 2002
Ground Level

Decades is a highly structured exhibition of Australian art based on a chronological sequence of spaces, each containing works executed strictly within a period, for example 1910-20 or 1920-30, through to the end of the millennium.

The tight parameters of Decades, moving from one decade to the next, embracing a diverse spectrum of media and cultural sources both indigenous and immigrant, does not allow much room for professional subjectiveness. Images are often not 'in synch', the only common ground being that they were created in the same section of time; and comparisons show that not everyone shaped their vision in harmony with current fashions. We are instantly reminded that that there is more to Australian art 1910-2000 than simply the progress and abandonment of modernism.

Decades contains many familiar works of the twentieth century Australian collection which the public always like to see and also some less familiar material as well.

Grace Cossington Smith The curve of the bridge 1928-29
� Reproduced with permission