Margaret Preston: Australian Focus
'The brown pot' 1940, 'I lived at Berowra' 1941 and 'Grey day in the ranges' 1942
Sun 30 September 2001 - Sat 2 February 2002
Ground Level

Margaret Preston I lived at Berowra 1941

The work of Margaret Preston (1875-1963), one of Australia's foremost artists, has remained extraordinarily popular in the decades since her death. Preston�s celebrated oils and prints of Australian flora and fauna reveal that, along with her commitment to Modernism in the inter-war decades, the artist believed that a modern national art for Australia could only come through the influence of Aboriginal visual culture. This focus exhibition will examine Preston's promotion and assimilation of Aboriginal motifs and images through three of her most significant later paintings.
This focus exhibition will mark the end of this series of exhibitions until recommencement in 2003 after the Australian exhibition, Parallel Visions.