Tim Johnson & My Le Thi: yab yum
Sat 10 November 2001 - Sun 13 January 2002
Level 2 Projects Space

Tim Johnson and My Le Thu yab yum (detail) - a collaboration with contributions by Karma Phuntsok, Daniel Bogunovic and Edward Johnson

This collaborative installation is named after the Tibetan Buddhist term yab yum, meaning father-mother union and symbolising the uniting of wisdom and compassion. Elements of yab yum include a large multi-panelled painting to which Karma Phuntsok, Daniel Bogunovic and Edward Johnson have also contributed, and which incorporates images of the Buddha Shakyamuni meditating. Yab yum draws on the various cultural experiences of the artists and their collaborators. Such experiences include Johnson�s study of Tibetan Buddhism and work with Aboriginal artists in Papunya in the 1980s and Thi�s experiences in Vietnam during the 1970s and memories of her birthplace in the Highlands in Central Vietnam.

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