Celestial Silks
Chinese Religious and Court Textiles
31 July - 24 October 2004
Asian Gallery, Ground Level

Featuring over 70 exquisite textiles made in China for use at the imperial court or as temple offerings in China or Tibet. Highlights of the exhibition include sumptuous dragon robes worn by emperors and high court officials, exquisite Tibetan monastery textiles, jewelled ceremonial hats and a display of rare and beautiful festival badges, which were worn by members of the imperial court during the various festivals that defined the imperial calendar.


Music for the Celestial Silks exhibition is kindly supplied by Celestial Harmonies
The Hugo Masters: An Anthology of Chinese Classical Music
Volume 3, Wind Instruments
Track 6: Autumn Meditation at Dressing Desk
(P) 1992 HUGO Productions
Available from Celestial Harmonies www.harmonies.com

Phoenix robe late 1600s Private Collection, Melbourne

PricesAdults $8.00
Concesssion $5.00
Family $20.00
- 2 adults+ 2 children
Booked school groups $4.00
- per student
"Student Rush": Fridays 1-5pm $3.00
- tertiary students with student ID
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