Hymn to beauty education programs

Study mornings
Girl crazy: Utamaro portrayed women from all walks of life, depicting personality through the rich variations of hairstyles, clothing and gestures. Investigate how he represents a sense of identity and how this differs from other portraits at the Gallery.

Years 7–10 • Wednesday 28 April • 10.30–11.30am • $8 per student (includes exhibition entry)
Years 9–12 • Tuesday 9 March • 10.30–11.30am • $8 per student (includes exhibition entry)

Japanese artist workshops
Extend the exhibition experience through traditional Japanese arts, tutored by Japanese artists.

Creative calligraphy: Learn the rhythms of writing with brush and ink.
Spirit of the brush: Paint from nature with traditional brush and ink techniques.
Taking tea: Experience the customs and aesthetics of a Japanese tea ceremony in the Gallery’s tea room (Thursdays only).

Years 7–12 • 1 hour • $300 per group of 15 or less (includes an introduction to the exhibition and entry)

Bookings and pre-payment essential for all programs. See Bookings and your visit in our Education section.

Education resources
Download the room brochure, exhibition section text and Japanese study guide for free. See Hymn to beauty education resources in our Education section.

The exhibition has one display case containing sexually explicit material.  Education staff will control access to this section of the exhibition during the time of your school's booking.