Wilderness videos

An introduction to the exhibition Wilderness: Balnaves contemporary: painting by the curator and a series of interviews with Wilderness artists.

Note: For best performance on slower connections, click the Pause button (||) after each video finishes buffering, then wait for 30 seconds (or until the grey line is about 2cm long)

Wilderness curator

Wayne Tunnicliffe

An introduction to the exhibition by Wayne Tunnicliffe

video Video (Flash video • 5m:51s • 9.6 MB)

Wilderness artist

Julie Fragar

An interview with artist Julie Fragar

video Video (Flash video • 5m:11s • 8.9 MB)

Wilderness artist

Daniel Boyd

An interview artist Daniel Boyd

video Video (Flash video • 5m:34s • 9.4 MB)

Wilderness artist

Del Kathryn Barton

An interview with artist Del Kathryn Barton

video Video (Flash video • 6m:08s • 11.7 MB)

Wilderness artist

Michael Zavros

An interview with artist Michael Zavros

video Video (Flash video • 5m:29s • 9.3 MB)

Peer2peer interviews

Julie Fragar, Emily-Kate Byrne

ARTEXPRESS 2010 artists interview Daniel Boyd, Julie Fragar and Michael Zavros

video Video (3 Flash videos • approx 15 mins total • approx 25 MB each)