Alex Gawronski
Sat 9 August - Sun 12 October 2003
Level 2 Contemporary Projects Space

Alex Gawronski's new installation uses live video and model trains to explore ideas about speed and cinema, technology and time. The first film publicly screened, in 1895, was of a steam engine arriving at a train station. One report was that the audience was so shocked by the reality of this new medium that they fled in fear.

While much time has passed since then, contemporary digital technology remains haunted by the ghosts of early cinema and mechanical locomotion. Gawronski's work overlaps expansive cinematic and mechanical concepts of time and space as linear and immersive with the experience of digital technology, which tends towards "miniaturisation, mobility and interchange".

Alex Gawronski Fort-dA-Departure 1997 (detail). Courtesy of the artist