Still Life
Inaugural Balnaves Foundation Sculpture Project
Sat 6 September - Sun 2 November 2003
Rudy Komon gallery, Upper Level

The first in a five-year programme of contemporary and historic exhibitions, commissions and acquisitions, that will present sculpture and objects by Australian and international artists.

Still Life features the work of five Australian artists - Emily Floyd, Mikala Dwyer, Ronnie van Hout, James Angus and Ricky Swallow - whose sculptures observe contemporary life as well as being considered responses to our material culture. The works include finely detailed realist carvings, computer-modelled architectural propositions and hallucinatory accumulations of improbable crafted objects. Among the ideas that they share are time and memory, and the animate and inanimate.

Ricky Swallow Everything is nothing 2003. Collection of George Lindeman. Courtesy Karyn Lovegrove Gallery

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