The Beauty of Transience in Japanese Art
16 August - 21 September 2003 (spring & summer)
26 September - 26 October 2003 (autumn & winter)
(Closed 22-25 September 2003)
Lower Level 1

SHIMOMURA Kanzan (1873-1930) Poet Fujiwara-no Teika in Mt Ogura 1909 (detail). Yokohama Museum of Art

SEASONS: The Beauty of Transience in Japanese Art presents some of the finest examples of Japanese art from the 15th to the early 20th century. Drawn from public and private collections around Japan, the exhibition demonstrates the profound Japanese love and appreciation of nature.

The awareness of nature has been fundamental to Japanese literature and art from as early as the eighth century. The types of art on view in the exhibition including movable screens, hanging scrolls, writing boxes, tea utensils, ceramics, kimonos and even saddles were often decorated with seasonal motifs and used or displayed only in the appropriate season.

Due to the fragility of the works of art, the display time is limited. As a result there will actually be two exhibitions within one: artworks focusing on Spring and Summer will be on view from 16 August to 21 September followed by Autumn and Winter from 26 September to 26 October. Each display will also feature works presenting the four seasons and seasonal themes from literature such as the Tale of Genji and haiku poetry.

The selection of 94 works includes pieces designated as Important Cultural Property or Important Art Object, which the Gallery has been able to borrow through the mediation of the Japanese Government's Agency for Cultural Affairs (the Bunkach´┐Ż). SEASONS marks the first time a Bunkach´┐Ż exhibition has been presented in Australia.

Nine lectures from the Arts of Asia 2003 Lunchtime Lecture Series (5 August - 21 October 2003) are in conjunction with this exhibition. More details >>>

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