True Stories
Art of the East Kimberley
Sat 11 January - Sun 27 April 2003
Yiribana Aboriginal & Torres Strait Art gallery, Lower Level 3
An exhibition of contemporary Indigenous art from the East Kimberley region of Western Australia.

East Kimberley paintings operate on many levels underscored by the ancestral stories - the "true stories" - that explain the creation of the landscape. Intertwined with these stories are the layers of recent history beginning with the massacres and dispersals of Aboriginal people, to the pastoral era and mining exploration of their land.

Highlighting the work of pioneering artists including Rover Thomas, Queenie McKenzie, and their contemporaries, including Rusty Peters, Paddy Bedford and others who continue to be the driving force of this distinctive Australian art movement.

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IMAGE: Paddy Bedford Untitled 1999. � Paddy Bedford.

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