The James Fairfax Collection
Thu 17 April - Sun 20 July 2003
The James Fairfax Gallery, Ground Level

In 1992 the Art Gallery exhibited a collection of 29 works from the James Fairfax collection. Most of these have since been donated to public galleries in Australia. In 2003 this collection will be combined with another new, private Fairfax collection never before exhibited. Assembled with the discerning eye of a great connoisseur-collector the new Fairfax collection includes important paintings by Titian, Moroni, David, Rubens and Ter Brugghen, as well as a magnificent group of prints and drawings by D�rer, Rembrandt, Rubens, Tiepolo, Delacroix, and G�ricault. Many of these works are of the finest of their kind in existence and they include totally new discoveries, unpublished and never before seen in public. A spectacularly rich display in the Fairfax Galleries will be accompanied by a fully researched new catalogue of the whole Fairfax collection, a tribute to the Gallery's greatest benefactor.

The exhibition will be the focus of a number of lectures in the 2003 Art Appreciation Lecture Series: Great Art In The Making II. Also commencing in May will be free programmes of introductory lectures on the Fairfax collection given by Dr. Richard Beresford, Senior Curator of European Art and Peter Raissis, Curator of European Prints and Drawings, as well as regular guided tours.

Guided Tours
Wednesdays, Thursdays & Sundays  11am
From 23 April

Albrecht D�rer Melencolia I 1514

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